Peter Simmonds- 1963

…an offensive star in basketball; a record-holder in track & field. Peter Simmonds, a 1963 graduate was one of Acadia’s all-time athletic heroes, being a varsity star in both basketball and track and field. From the fall of ’59 to the spring of ’63, he starred on numerous Maritime Intercollegiate championship teams, culminating his four-year […]

1970-’71 Men’s Basketball Team

…the conquest of a national championship. The ’70-71 men’s basketball team was the second Acadia squad to win the National Championship. Guided by coaches Gib Chapman and Dr. Jim Logue, the Axemen lost but two of their thirty-two encounters. They went through the league schedule undefeated -losing only to Simon Fraser and Hofstra University in […]

Richard J. “Richie” Spears- 1964

…a basketball Axeman whose talents compared to the nation’s best. “Richie” Spears, a 1964 graduate of Acadia, must be rated as one of the finest Nova Scotia-born athletes ever to play the game of basketball. The Cape Breton native experienced an outstanding high school career in the game before coming under the influence of the […]

Jack Garnett – 1957

…whose dramatics in basketball and track and field captured the interest of Axemen supporters. Jack Garnett, a member of the graduating Class of 1957, was a versatile athlete who starred in basketball and track and field, while performing capably in both soccer and swimming. In soccer, the Saint John native joined Bob Douglas’ varsity squad […]

1964-65 Axemen’s Basketball

’64-’65 Men’s Basketball Team Inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1989 The 1964-65 Axemen’s basketball team brought great distinction to their university, conference and province by winning the national title. Initially, Coach Stu Aberdeen saw the return of seasoned veterans for what looked like a great year. But injuries riddled the starting five. Fourteen […]

1929-30 Men’s Basketball Team

’29-’30 Men’s Basketball Team Inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1989 The 1929-30 men’s basketball team, consisting of Coach Terry Osborne, Louie Davison, Bill Matthews, Trax Trask, Dunc MacKenzie, Vern Eville, “Bud” Harlow, Banny Davis, Fred Galbraith and Bob Fraser, served our university and province proud as they became the very first representatives at […]

James Gray

James Goode Gray- 1948 Inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1989 Jimmy Gray is undoubtedly one of the all-time greats in hockey history at Acadia. A native of Joggins Mines, NS, Jim entered Acadia in the fall of 1939 and was quickly recognized as a superb all-round athlete. Despite being proficient in basketball, rugby, […]

Arnold Eugene “Bunty” Forde

Arnold Eugene “Bunty” Forde- 1955 Inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1989 Arnold Eugene “Bunty” Forde, a native of Sydney, NS, was considered to be one of Acadia’s best all-round student athletes during the 1952-55 period; having starred in English rugby, basketball, and track and field. As captain of the rugby team and under […]

Alden Clark- 1924

Alden Clark- 1924 Inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1988 Alden Richardson Clark, born and educated in Fredericton, New Brunswick, was a tremendously gifted and versatile athlete who starred at Acadia in English rugby, hockey, basketball and track and field during the 1920-24 era. Alden began his contribution to the sports life at Acadia […]