1944-’45 Women’s Basketball Team

…Maritime Intercollegiate Champions in 1944-45

The 1944-45 Women ‘ s Basketball Team, battling a meagre budget, and the uncertainties of global warfare, struck a blow for victory as they went undefeated throughout their season and provided a source of excitement and pride for a student body that was otherwise subdued. The squad indeed did carry the torch for Acadia’s varsity sports at a time when spirits needed to be raised.

The Students’ Council supported the team from its limited budget, providing the squad with travel money and impressive new uniforms. The latter, smart white tunics edged with piping and the Acadia crest enabled the girls to be the sharpest looking team in the circuit.

Coached by physical education instructor, Norma Burgess and managed by MaIjorie Hill, the squad consisted of front liners Maljorie Robb, team captain, Jean MacKay (the leading scorer) and Doris “Do” Allen, and an equally effective offensive unit of Mary MacDonald, Patsy Churchill and Ruth Fraser. Providing the defense most effectively were guards Kay MacKay, Lorraine Troop and Anna M uggah.

In their initial game of the season, the girls edged the hometown Dalhousie team, 21-20, with Mary MacDonald scoring ten points. Back home against U.N.B., the Robb, MacKay and Allen unit struck quickly in the first half, pacing the team to a 36-17 victory. In their third outing, the hometown Axettes defeated Dalhousie, 25-20, as MacKay and MacDonald each scored seven points. In the most exciting home game of the season, the girls defeated Mt. Allison, 32-24. In their subsequent contest -and without the services of Captain Robb they managed a narrow 25- 24 triumph over hometown U.N.B. as Patsy Churchill hooped the winning basket. In their sixth and concluding tilt, the Axettes defeated their host squad, Mt. Allison, 30-25, as MacKay, Allen, MacDonald and Churchill sparkled offensively.

As they returned to the Acadia campus following their Maritime Intercollegiate Championship victory over Mt. Allison, the entire student body responded to their undefeated season by welcoming them back home with a torch-light parade.

It thus is fitting that this ’44-’45 Women’s Basketball Team that lifted the spirits of a student body that faced the harsh realities of war should be inducted into Acadia’s Sports Hall of Fame.